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Why choose Easy Timber Flooring floors? 

Our long experience in Norway within flooring, is an assets for our company and for customers who is looking for flooring solutions. We also know the Australian flooring industry very well and our integrity is give 100% honest advice about flooring, to reduce the confusion for many customers who is lost in the "jungle of flooring". At Easy Timber Flooring, we always strive to supply the best of the best European made floors and brands. We have done the hard work and will save time for you, by narrow down to few selected brands with top quality, known reputation and reliable warranties.  

                                       "Best Quality guarantee and best price guarantee on European made floors"!


What flooring option is suitable for you?

What type of floor you should choose, firstly and last will be determine by your budget. Knowing how much you can or willing spend, will help you narrow down to the options available. We stock wide range of top European made floors and will always have something match your taste and budget, without compromising on quality. Brands we supplies will always be innovator within flooring industry, offer you the latest designs and best manufacture technologies to keep highest quality floors. 

Quality hurt ones:

We at Easy Timber Flooring believe that "Quality floor hurt ones", but it will last longer and even for lifetime. Many home owner facing low budget at the end of a renovation or building project. Where they compromise on quality for the floor, which is the biggest interior in the house. Actually the most important surface in the house, the surface which is  European produced floors and quality standards,  Since you will always get high-quality raw materials, floors which do not contain any hazardous substances. Addition, you are covered with reliable warranty covered by European manufacturers. 

What flooring option is most economical? 

Laminate floor is no doubt the most economical flooring solution, compare to any types of on the market. Laminate is most affordable choice, beside latest laminate floor looks beautiful, easy and quick to install. Addition, this floor is also the most durable. Below is ranking based on lowest to highest cost for to "timber flooring". 

1. Laminate flooring. ( Top European made laminate floor more more than vinyl floor and even close to engineered floors ). 

2. Vinyl floor.  

3. Engineered floor. 

4. Solid timber floor. 

What is laminate floor?

Laminate floor is considered as one of the most affordable and popular floor covering product world wide. There are many reasons why laminate floor is preferred. Firstly, laminate floor can fit in most families budget. They are super convenient, since they easily can be installed by click system on top of any flat sub-floor. Beside that, they are very scratch-, dent-, fade-, stain- and even water resistant. After installation, ready to walk on straight away. In case any bad accident, the boards can easily be replace. What also make laminate floor more preferred, is the beautiful designs and latest finish for this floor. 

Laminate is built by total of 4 layers.



1. On the bottom is the counterbalance layer, which stabilise the boards and prevents moisture attack. 

2. High Density Fiberboard (HDF). The quality and impact resistant level of the HDF-core, determine how moisture resistant the floor are and the impact level. 

* Click system is also important for easy installation, beside the boards is cut precisely. Main two and best patented click system are Unilin and Valinge. 

3. Decor paper, which is the look of the floor. Higher quality definition and decor layer, makes more realistic look and fade resistant. 

4. Overlay, which is the wear layer of the floor. Higher quality overlay makes the floor stronger, more scratch resistant and more durable. 


What is vinyl and SPC Hybrid floors? 


What is engineered floor?


What is solid hardwood floor:

Most expensive floor do not mean you have the best floor and most durable floor, but just because they are natural and need long time mature and ready for use as floor. A good example is solid timber, which is the old traditional type of floorboards that need extra attention when install. Since this type of floorboards is less stable among the floor world, most sensitive to moisture changes. That is why the must be installed professionally and the most expansive floor to be finish. Correct glue, right amount of glue depend on the width of the boards, plus stables to secure and prevent from twist and cupping. Good protective coating is also needed to keep this natural But raw Australian solid timber is popular among high end house, where home owners loves a warm, natural variation and timeless floor.  

What is floating floors? 



We still are working with our flooring guide and will upload more data soonest we can. Please contact us if you have not received needed advice or information about flooring. Thank you for your patient.



At Easy Timber Flooring, we are proud of our flooring range as it’s sourced only from the world’s best flooring manufacturers. We are unique with water-resistant laminate flooring and stock the longest and widest boards on the market with the latest breathtaking designs. Read more.



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